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Story time!

I was walking along the river in Vianden, Luxembourg before my piano recital when a man approached me on a bike and randomly yelled “Hello!” in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with his voice piercing like a crooked fishbone. Although it has been frightening being an Asian woman alone in the West, beyond my own fear, I am more focused on changing people’s preconceived ideas by challenging visual dominance. The sense of vision often starts our relationships, but somehow also becomes an obstacle to human connection. I chose to pursue a theatre career where the hierarchy of senses is restructured and where synchronous activities of this ancient ritual bring us together. 

Exploring the theatre world, I found, through my sound projects, the great power of sound as a portal toward embodied listening, a lens to peek into personal narratives, and a vehicle for interpersonal resonance. This realization motivated me to position myself, for theatre and other live arts, as a sound designer.

I envision shifting the perspective of sense hierarchy, dissolving human boundaries, and embracing the sense of merging with the other.

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